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General renovations

We have a long list of professional contractors, with whom our engineers and architects enjoy to work on a majority of our projects!


If a project is not too complex, we may hire a designer-builder type of contractor, to make the longevity of the construction shorter.

Building Information Modeling

Professional construction project management is essential for facilitating and directing the entire process to achieve ideal results.

Welcome to Sydney Building and Construction!

The Sydney Building and Constructionhas been founded 30 years ago.
Sydney Building and Construction are one of the leaders in the design and development of engineered building components, pre engineered building components for commercial, industrial and institutional usage.

These pre engineered building components and material are suitable for accommodations,town houses,houses,villas,duplex,manufacturing units, workshops, offices, power plants, restaurants, showrooms / retail stores, shopping malls, social halls, special structures, sports facilities, warehouses etc.

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